Dear Pharmily,

Happy 2022 and welcome to our NUSPS Website, our one-stop portal for everything NUSPS! The previous few academic semesters have been rather turbulent, with student activities experiencing various peaks and troughs with the changing restrictions. Despite that, we hope that you have made treasured memories and forged strong friendships within our Pharmily.

As the elected President of the 61st NUS Pharmaceutical Society Executive Committee (NUSPS EXCO), I would like to introduce myself and my team.

  • President: Ong Wei Siong
  • Vice-President (Internal): Jang Yuho
  • Vice-President (Special Projects): Ng Wee Kang
  • Honorary General Secretary: Daryl Wong
  • Honorary Treasurer: Lim Shi Jie
  • PHS Representative/Academic Director: Shania Anabel Wong
  • Immediate Past President: Faith Tammy Wong
  • Essential Medicines Director: Joleen Tan Wei Leng
  • Welfare Director: Pearl Koswara
  • Media Resource Director: Mi Yang
  • Marketing Director: Tan Chun Shing, Jerald
  • International Relations Director: Htet Wai Yan Linn
  • Pharmacy Professional Awareness Director: Khin Rati San
  • Interprofessional Education Director: Santhosh Dave Kalaimaran
  • Youth Expedition Project Director: Park Soohyun
  • Pharmacy Orientation Programme Director: Brian Lee Seng Wee
  • Pharmacy Rag Director: Shermain Koo Shi Xuan
  • Pharmacy Flag Director: Vanessa Yeo Jia Yin

We look forward to serving you in our capacity as the EXCO members of NUSPS as well as members of our Pharmily.

The past two years have been one of change and adaptation, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The previous and current Executive Committees have rallied, adapting to changing circumstances and doing their utmost to serve the evolving needs of our Pharmily and our various partners. Earlier in Semester 1, our Youth Expedition Project- Dispense A Dream attained the Merit Award at the NUS Student Life Awards – Special Edition 2021 for their outstanding work in adapting their project amidst prevailing restrictions and serving the overseas community in Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia.

However, the work is never complete, and my team and I are committed to continue charting a new normal ahead to build a vibrant student life as part of NUSPS while living with COVID-19. We welcome any feedback from our Pharmily and will be coming up with fun, exciting and enriching activities over the course of our term for you as well as future members of our Pharmily!

I believe that many of us are looking towards 2022 with hope and some apprehension, as Omicron arrives on our shores. However, 2020 and 2021 have showed us our resilience and adaptability and there is no doubt that they have better equipped us to handle the changing norms. As we face the new year ahead, let us look towards the light in these uncertain times and continue to support each other and remain as one united Pharmily!

Wishing you the best of health and happiness in the upcoming year ahead!

Ong Wei Siong
61st Executive Committee
NUS Pharmaceutical Society