Youth Expedition Project Goes Online (YEP GO) is a virtual, overseas community service effort consisting of students from NUS Pharmaceutical Society. Before 2019, YEP Dispense-A-Dream (YEP DAD) is conducted in different host countries to help out with different groups of locals. However, due to COVID-19, YEP DAD has been converted to YEP GO which is carried out virtually. Nonetheless, it is an annual effort to provide opportunities for its students to venture beyond their comfort zones, cultivate self-awareness through experiential learning and virtual enrichment programmes with the healthcare professionals, as well as to learn more about their healthcare system and the challenges they faced. 

Building on the success of previous iteration of YEP-GO in 2021 where it was featured in Cambodian news, the students will be working closely with Water and Healthcare Foundation (WAH Foundation) and YEP Singapore to conduct online programmes to educate the healthcare professionals on topics involving disease prevention, medical adherence and feminine health. Furthermore, we aim to send over health products such as sanitary pads and hand sanitisers for the locals and healthcare professionals.

From our engagements, we hope to leave a sustainable impact to the Cambodian community and this will improve their quality of life!

Our Team

The team consists of 4 main committees which are logistics, programmes marketing and publicity.

Logistics: Led by Alfred, the Logistic Team is the backbone of YEP DAD! They work closely with other committees to provide manpower and as the name suggests, they also manage the team’s logistics. Thanks to them, fundraisers are conducted smoothly and our sponsored goods are kept and sent to our beneficiary without any issue!

Programmes: The programme team is in charge of coming up with ideas for the engagement sessions! They are the brains of YEP DAD to come up with creative ideas to make our YEP DAD’22 enriching and impactful for the locals! 

Marketing: Many would say that Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science students may not have what it takes to be a good businessman. However, the YEP marketing team will prove them wrong! They are in charge of securing sponsorships for the team and so far, they have secured masks and other healthcare products for the Cambodian community! Marketing committee allows YEP to provide additional support and meet the needs of our beneficiary. Zhen Yi and Ching Yee lead this wonderful marketing committee.

Publicity: Have you come across a post on Instagram or a message in our NUSPS channel? If you have, they are created by our dear Publicity committee! Jun Hean and his team are in charge of promoting YEP DAD to the students and staff from NUSPS and NUS and without them, YEP DAD will not be made known to all of you!

Our Key Events

SmthYEP Cohesion. Covid-19 made the planning of YEPDAD’22 remotely from our homes. Despite that, the team planned a cycling cohesion along Jurassic Trail (in teams of 5) to get to know and meet each other for the first time. We are waiting for the restrictions to loosen to be able to meet as a whole to serve the community better. Event
Pre-covid YEPDAD. YEPDAD was and will always remain a youth expedition project that aims to nurture confident and resilient youths who are active citizens with the desire to make a difference both at home and overseas. Despite covid-19 restricting our travels to physically aid our beneficiaries overseas, it will never cease the fire in us to make a difference for them.ent
Halloween Fundraiser. BOO!!! The spooky time of the year is here. YEPDAD’22 held our first fundraiser to raise funds needed for our beneficiaries in Cambodia as well as to book and arrange location and resources for our healthcare convention with Cambodian healthcare professionals.

Mr Park Soo Hyun

Project Director
61st Executive Committee
NUS Pharmaceutical Society