In congruence to the belief of NUS Pharmaceutical Society, the Special Projects seek to value-add the experience in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, by providing every student opportunities to embark on a learning journey in SP activities that is wholly different from academics. 

As the stewardship for the learning journey, the Vice President (Special Projects) collaborates with the Project Directors of the various projects in the Pharmacy Orientation Domain & Student Life Domain.

Pharmacy Orientation Domain (POD)

POD is the annual orientation series, consisting of Pharmacy Orientation Programme, Pharmacy RAG, Pharmacy Flag & Pharmacy Bash. The activities are generally organised by the Year 1s for the incoming batch of Freshmen.

Student Life Domain (SLD)

SLD, on the other hand, constitute the Youth Expedition Project – Dispensing a Dream (YEP-DAD), the biennial Pharmacy Dinner, and Graduation Dinner (GD). These activities are opened to students across all four years, with the except of GD, which is exclusively organised by the graduating batch of students! 

Tan Cheng Keat
Vice President
(Special Projects)

In AY 2019/2020, the Vice President (Special Projects) – Cheng Keat (Class of 2022) – aims to: 

Continue the collaborative spirit across SP
Kickstart centralisation to consolidate efforts within the Special Projects Committee,
Tantalise the experience by streamlining the operations / processes for the six special projects! 

He believes in transformational and servant leadership, and that they are the essential to achieve CK Tan in his term as the Vice President (Special Projects) in the 59th NUSPS Executive Committee.