Group photo of the Organising Comm with our speakers

The UPIP and Internship Opportunities Sharing aims for Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science students that are interested in taking up an internship to gain a better understanding of their future career paths. It is also a good way for employers to identify potential students to engage upon graduation and to discover the changing qualities of the workforce. Participants will be able to draw from the experiences of seniors and peers that have undertaken the aforementioned internships, thus allowing participants to make informed decisions with regards to applying for UPIP and other internship opportunities outside of NUS.

This sharing session was held over Zoom on 21st February 2022, and consisted of an admin briefing by Dr Yau Wai Ping, followed by sharings by 3 student speakers and a Q&A. A total of 50 participants attended the sharing.

Valerie Ang (Year 3 Pharmaceutical Science) sharing about her internship experience at Astrazeneca