Dispense-A-Dream is a Youth Expedition Project (YEP) organised by NUS Pharmacy students, supported by the National Youth Council. Since 2007, we have embarked on various overseas community service projects in India, Cambodia, Nepal and Laos. It is an opportunity to venture beyond one’s comfort zone and to cultivate self-awareness through experiential learning while promoting understanding and appreciation of different cultures. During this learning process, we inspire to be socially engaged and give back to the community, both locally and internationally.

This year, continuing our partnership with YMCA, the team is planning to set out to Luang Prabang, Laos and to resume our service at Ban Huay Hin village as per the previous expedition since sustainability is one major focus of our projects. In this year-long journey, we look forward to growth, self-discovery, building relationships and finally coming out as one bonded team with all the sweat shed and memories shared.

While we train hard to be professional pharmacists, we hope to add a human touch to the student life as we strive to dispense a dream!

Youth Expedition Project:
Dispense-A-Dream (YEP DAD)

Project Directors:
Khoo Wei Jian | Rachel Ho