POP'20 Project Directords

Pharmacy Orientation Programme (POP) is the committee which organises Pharmacy’s annual camps, namely the Pharmacy Orientation Camp and Pharmacy Orientation Week! Fun and games, joy and laughter, meeting fellow batchmates and friendly seniors are just some of the things you can find in POP! Come join us for an experience you won’t forget 😉😉

POP’20 Directors
Hong Kai | Gavin | Mandy

The Pharmacy Orientation Programme (POP) is a series of events that happen during Summer, just before the academic year begins, to serve as opportunities to facilitate the new Freshmen entering and settling into university life.

The Vision & Mission of this year’s POP is to provide freshmen & seniors a safe and conducive platform to have fun, build relationships and bond through exciting & meaningful activities. This gives freshmen a first-hand glimpse into life as a Pharmacy student and allows the freshmen to make friends that will last them through their four years in NUS and beyond.

Freshmen can expect a huge dose of fun and exciting programs planned out just for them, while the senior volunteers will be able to see their yearlong worth of hard work, sacrifice and dedication coming to fulfillment!

In this amazing journey ahead, we look forward to deep friendships that will be forged through shared memories as one big FOP family for a common cause – the Freshmen of 2020!