“Growing in Consciousness and we value the acts of devotion and professionalism.” That’s our motto right there!!

The scientist behind Procter House is William Procter Jr, an American pharmacist. He is generally regarded as the Father of American Pharmacy. He is known for his role in establishing the American Pharmacists Association and his work on the United States Pharmacopeia. He was also the author/editor of the first pharmacy textbook published in the United States. 

For our mascot, don’t be mistaken, our mascot is a lioness instead of a lion and this idea is inspired from the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Medicine.

As part of the Procter House Committee, we plan and conduct various events for our house to be an avenue to foster intra-batch and inter-batch bonding and not to forget the promotion of staff, student and alumni interaction!!

The House Committee is further split into three committees, namely the Welfare, Programme and the Publicity committee!! 

INTRODUCING PROCTER LAOBANs 😎 (Tomiko & Marilyn): Gentle tigresses that lead the committee and oversee all the on going in Procter!!

INTRODUCING OUR SEC-TREAS 💰 (Aloysius): Organiser of all procter data and funds!!

INTRODUCING PROCTER WELFAIRYS 🧚(Charmain, Claire & Adeline): masterminds of all the Procter welfare initiatives and welfare packs!!

INTRODUCING PROCTER PROGIESSS 🧠 (Yang Deng & Kenneth): Creative peeps that never fail to come up with innovatives games and ideas!!

INTRODUCING PROCTER PUBBIES ✍🏻 (Angela, Wen Xuan, Joey & Damien): Procter’s Pubs-paparazzis and the humans behind all the aesthetic Instagram and Telegram posts!!

Procter Committee woop woop !!
Cubs of Procter aim to provide an opportunity to create potentially new friendships by interacting with and learning more about each other . Prior to the event, the participants will submit a few fun facts and be paired and in the first part of the event, participants will try and guess the identity of their partner via a game with the fun facts as hints. In the second part of the engagement session after knowing the identity of their partner, the pair will participate in a challenge activity where they have to complete trivia and riddles
Thursday Fiesta 1.0 in semester 1 and Thursday Fiesta 2.0 in semester 2 both seek to allow Procterians of different years to bond through multiple games and get to know each other in an informal setting, of course with prizes to be won!
Procter Bingo is an avenue for Procterians to destress and let loose, as well as to also further establish the Procter House’s presence in the student life. As per a conventional BINGO game, participants qualify to win the prizes by checking off 5 boxes in a consecutive row, column or diagonal.

Ms Sim Mei Ying Tomiko

House Head
Procter House
National University of Singapore Pharmaceutical Society

Ms Ban Jing Ying, Marilyn

Vice House Head
Procter House
National University of Singapore Pharmaceutical Society