Pharmacy Receiving and Giving (RxAG) serves as a way to thank donors from the community for their contributions towards fundraising during Pharmacy’s Flag day, where their donations will proceed towards Community Chest and be disbursed accordingly.  While this carnival styled event used to be held live and open to the public, it was recently held virtually and live-streamed via YouTube due to the COVID-19. Through this colourful and vibrant RAG event, our freshmen put up performances prepared over the summer break to show their appreciation and gratitude towards the public for making donations and supporting our cause. Additionally, all props and costumes used for the performance are also made from scratch by the students, allowing each student to add their personal touch to their performance. Apart from being able to give back to society, this also serves as a platform for the freshmen to form friendships that last a lifetime. Yearly, around 60 freshmen and 50 seniors in the Department of Pharmacy come together before the new academic year begins to perfect the performance, allowing for this meaningful event to happen.

This year, we can look forward to live performance on RAG Day happening on 6 August 2022. Join us in putting up a spectacular performance to thank the donors!

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months!

Project Directors

Shermain Koo Shi Xuan
Project Director
Valerie Quek Teng Lee
Vice-Project Director (Programmes)
Rachel Lee Shi Qi
Vice-Project Director
Koh Zhi Cong, Windsor
Vice-Project Director

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