Orientation marks the beginning of a new chapter in every incoming freshmen’s University life. It serves as an important transition phase to help freshmen adapt to new environments and meet new friends. It is an experience shared by every Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical science student, a memorable start to their journeys with NUSPS.

Pharmacy Orientation Camp, a social camp, is held near the end of June to provide freshmen with a safe and conducive environment to foster their first friendships through meaningful activities. Subsequently, our Rocket Fuel Workshop is held in mid-July to provide our freshmen with a sneak peek on what Team-Based Learning is about and also refresh on some academic content to better prepare them for the school year ahead. Last but not least, Pharmacy Orientation Week, an academic and society camp, is held in early August which focuses on informing freshmen on academic matters as well as preparing them for student life in NUS Pharmacy beyond Orientation.

With this comprehensive three-pronged approach, this cornerstone orientation program allows freshmen to interact with seniors to form networks that can last beyond University years. More importantly, it aids freshmen in adapting to the new rigour and lifestyle in University. Every year, approximately 230 freshmen and 80 committee members are involved. With the hard work and thorough planning by various committees to create different aspects of the camps, from programmes to logistics to orientation group leaders, a successful orientation camp experience is ensured.

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Project Directors

Han Yu Chou, Sean
Vice Project Director
Brian Lee Seng Wee
Project Director
Yong Cheng Kai Aloysius
Vice Project Director