Dr Leroy Koh

Hi everyone, my name is Leroy, an alumnus of NUS & NUSPS. It is great to be back home, after spending quite some time overseas for further studies and training. As one of the staff advisors for NUSPS, I genuinely hope for greater engagement and identity building among the pharmacy students. After all, university life goes way beyond the confines of studies, notes and lectures.

The world is our oyster, and there is no reason why that mindset cannot be cultivated even as students. You will be surprised how much you could achieve as students if you look for opportunities.

Dr Tan Yeong Lan

I am a NUS Pharmacy alumni and I used to take part actively in several Pharmacy events when I was an undergraduate. Now that I am back as a staff advisor for NUSPS, it feels so familiar and yet surreal. NUSPS has always been a big and welcoming family, and I hope to continue this tradition of including more students in fun and learning, beyond academic studies. 

It is heartening to see that the NUSPS committees have worked very hard to organize activities and maintain its vibrancy despite the unprecedented COVID-19 endemic. To the student population, do make the best out of it, especially when university life is the last lap of your student life. Beyond academics, NUSPS offers you a great platform to widen your exposure and network, develop a new interest and improve yourself. As a new staff advisor to NUSPS, I am excited to unleash a new face of NUSPS activities as the nation transforms and slowly stabilizes in the new norm. Along with Dr Leroy Koh and the NUSPS committees, let us strive to build a more inclusive and homely society for students, with the environment and resources for them to excel and develop.