The long-awaited Pharmacy Orientation is finally here. As Singapore exited circuit breaker and transition into the three phases to resume the nation’s operation, the Society recognised that physical activities are not feasible. Resonating to the University’s and Government’s regulation, the Society is proud to introduce two Orientation activities in this season of Orientation:

  • e-Pharmacy Orientation Programme (ePOP)
  • Pharmacy Rag (RxAG) RxZoomba
  • Pharmacy Flag (RxFlag) Online Donation Drive

ePOP is the digital edition of the annual Pharmacy Orientation Camp. While the camp is held over the cyberspace, the goal and objective of bonding, engagement and bridging freshmen into University life remained unchanged. Highlights of ePOP include sharing session by Pharmacy Seniors and Professors, games and activities (with prizes) and dedicated space for interaction with peers!

Pharmacy Rag (or RxAG) is the only society-level participating body in the annual NUSSU Rag & Flag Day. The project is responsible for preparing a 7-mins dance to thank the donor whom had supported RxFlag’s donation. While Pharmacy Rag withdraw their participation from the e-Carnival this year, a brand-new programme RxZoomba is organised to achieve the objective of the Orientation Project.

Pharmacy, as one of the 13 participating bodies in the annual NUSSU Rag & Flag 2020, is proud to introduce you Pharmacy Flag 2020. Unlike previous year, where there are physical engagement activities with SHINE (our beneficiary) and Flag Day at different parts of Singapore, this year’s RxFlag will feature an online donation drive on Give.Asia. Everyone is encouraged to participate in this online donation drive, and participate in something meaningful in the current unprecedented climate in Singapore!

For more information, visit Pharmacy Orientation (IG) or NUS Pharmaceutical Society (IG) to get the latest update of the two orientation activities!