Dear Pharmily,
We are pleased to announce that the following candidate is running for the role of Academic Director!

They are:
Xu Qi (Pharmaceutical Science Class of 2025)

We have attached their nomination form and video below.

Feel free to leave comments and questions for the candidates in the comments channel.

Thank you!


  1. Shania


    hi xu qi!! thank you for stepping up to run for academic director! excited to see what fresh ideas you can bring to the table ☺️☺️ you mentioned wanting to forge closer interpersonal relationship between participants in acad comm’s activities, may i ask how you envision this to be implemented? also just a fun question, describe yourself and acad comm as an ice cream flavour 🤩

    • Xu Qi


      Hi Shania, thank you for your question! Regarding forging more interpersonal relationships, I have 2 ideas which I would like to implement. For the physical sessions, I would introduce more informal ice-breaking activities; taking inspiration from the more recent inspirxe event as I noticed that many of the guest speakers and student participants are very receptive to these ice breaking activities since they help to lighten the mood. This can be in the form of a short ‘tea session’ with refreshments intended for participants to mingle and get to know others.

      As for the virtual events, I would like to incorporate interactive breakout room activities for the students to elicit more participation: This can be done through quick quizzes with group discussions for our participants, possibly even with incentives for the highest scoring group.

      Understandably, these are only preliminary ideas, and to make sure that they are effective and elicit the desired responses, I will get the committee’s support in facilitating their implementation, improving upon them based on the feedback received. I will also be taking the nature of the event into consideration (i.e. Formal Webinar Sharings vs Alumni talks) since they would not be as appropriate for more formal and strictly informative events.

      All in all, I am really excited to implement my ideas and learn as I go along, which brings me to the last part of the question: Passionfruit flavour! – Because I have never tried it and has always been wanting to try it(and also because I believe everyone in acad comm has passion! xd)

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