Ms Pameline Kang giving a sharing about the difference between Mental Health and Mental Illness

The Mental Health Webinar was conducted virtually over Zoom on 6th January 2022, from 3.30p.m. to 5p.m. There were a total of 5 Committee Members involved in organising this event and a total of 19 student participants.

In collaboration with the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), the Mental Health Webinar aimed to shed light over commonly misunderstood Mental conditions, and the differences between Mental Health and Mental Illness. This webinar introduced the role IMH plays in Singapore’s current healthcare landscape, as well as the job scope of a pharmacist specialising in Psychiatry which provided students with insights on what it is like to work as a pharmacist in a Mental Health organisation like IMH. 

The sharings were carried out by Ms Pameline Kang, a Senior Executive for Communications, and Ms Emily Liew, a Specialist Pharmacist from IMH, followed by a Question and Answer segment for students to clarify their doubts. 

Ms Pameline Kang sharing about the Mental Health Spectrum and various characteristics and interventions needed for each category in the spectrum