The Media Resource Team (MRT) is the publicity wing of NUSPS. We are responsible for disseminating information to both Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science students. Message from different NUSPS Committees and related personnel about upcoming events and important announcement will be posted on NUSPS Telegram chat and individual Facebook class groups. We also manage the NUS Pharmacy Instagram account. It serves as a platform for others to know about our Pharmacy life from event pictures and Committee introduction. More content like professor and student interview will be posted as well. This year, we managed to restart our NUSPS official website. More content will be put up soon and it is the official platform for companies, sponsors and students to learn about NUSPS. MRT is also in charge of the publication of an annual magazine, Pharmaceutica. The magazine will be given to the graduating class and the incoming Freshmen and it contains a glimpse of student-led events in the previous year. 

Hou Yuxin

60th Executive Committee
Media Resource Director

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