Do you love the items in your welfare packs and want more of it? Our MPR team is here to help! 

As the marketing and public relations committee of NUSPS, we pride ourselves in sourcing for sponsorships catering to all NUSPS events and projects and maintaining excellent relations with external organisations and companies. Week after week, with our small yet dedicated team of 10, we send 100s of pitch decks to the sponsors, draft contracts, reply emails, call potential sponsors just to get the freebies you love (ahem our drinks, masks & vouchers) & the money for our NUSPS events. We also supervise and work hand-in-hand closely with the different marketing teams of all the committees and special projects. 

Our committee consists of:

Directors (Jerald, Tiffany, Jia Qiang): The ones leading the marketing committee and liaising with the other NUSPS committees 

Admin (Valerie): Organise and monitor our email box and pitching log sheet

Publicity (Zhao Yi): Crafting of marketing collaterals (pitchbooks, pitch decks and holiday cards) for sponsors (& our beautiful marketing banner)

Operations (Eunice, Melissa, Raden, Rebecca, Windsor): Strategic outreach to prospective sponsors and clients for event products eg Welfare Pack

Lastly, just want to say a big thank you to all our sponsors for making our events a huge success & to all our potential interested sponsors: do drop us an email to!

In MPR, we don’t look for goods and services. We look for relations, stories and magic.
Talk with Ferring’s Pharmaceutical: 

On 29 December 2021, we held a talk in collaboration with the Academic committee for one of our sponsors – Ferring’s Pharmaceutical.
Photoshoot for Marketing Prospectus 2022: 

Every year, marketing creates a yearly prospectus for our potential sponsors to know more about NUSPS events.
Workshop for Automated Email Broadcast System: 

This year, we created our first ever marketing week where we held workshops to teach the marketing committee members modern marketing techniques and had our marketing bonding day. 

Mr Jerald Tan

Director of Marketing and Public Relations
61st Executive Committee
National University of Singapore Pharmaceutical Society