The International Relations Committee (IRC) serves as the bridge between NUSPS and the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF), the leading international advocacy organisation for pharmacy and pharmaceutical science students worldwide. NUSPS is a full-member association in IPSF under the Asia Pacific Regional Office (APRO). Our committee provides students with the opportunity to connect and collaborate with pharmacy/ pharmaceutical undergraduates globally, through organising and participating in IPSF and IPSF APRO initiatives. 

The committee is structured into the following branches:

  • Project Internal – primarily responsible for increasing outreach among NUSPS students through internal events such as An Essential Dose and local webinars
  • Project External – primarily responsible for collaborating with external organisations (e.g. IPSF APRO member organisations) to create opportunities for international collaboration and events
  • Student Exchange Committee – primarily responsible for organising the SEP and hosting international students from member countries

Our dedicated team consists of:

  • Director | IPSF Contact Person: Htet Wai Yan Linn
  • Vice-Director (External) | IPSF Student Exchange Officer: Ng Jun Zhong
  • Vice-Director (Internal): Shalenee Pannerselvam
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Lim Yi Ter
  • Project Internal Lead: Joanne Lai Xin-Yi
  • Project Internal Executives: S Sonia, Lim Jia Yi Haley, Chong Kay-En, Lim Shiu Xin Gregg, Vernice Ang Qi Wei, Isaac Loon Cheng En
  • Project External Lead: Leong Wai Theng
  • Project External Executives: Lok Xin Yi, Tan Yi Wen, Albert Lin Yen Po, Kim Jung Eun, Afiifah Bte Anwarul Haq
  • Student Exchange Committee Lead: Pang Xiu Zhen
  • Student Exchange Executives: Melanie Ting Mee Chee, Lee Zeng Qing, Wee Jing Ru Briana, Phua Jun Guan

Connecting NUSPS to the World, and the World to NUSPS
An Essential Dose Telegram Channel – a Project Internal initiative started in 2020 to get students to learn more about relevant global issues through bite-sized updates.
Tai-Ga-Pore Penpal & Workshop with PSA-Taiwan by Project External – an example of various multilateral collaborations with fellow pharmacy/ pharmaceutical science student organisations from partner countries. Collaborations vary year by year based on partner organisation availability.
The Student Exchange Programme (SEP) is a longstanding IPSF annual project where students from member organisations can participate in attachments to relevant fields ranging from community pharmacy, research, hospital and industry. In recent years, the SEP has been conducted virtually in the form of webinars & virtual tours due to the COVID-19 situation.

Mr Htet Wai Yan Linn

International Relations Director | IPSF Contact Person
61st Executive Committee
National University of Singapore Pharmaceutical Society