Motto: “Growing in Consciousness”

Motif: Lioness

Values: Devotion & Professionalism

Vision: A House where the members learn and grow while remaining faithful to the House values.

Mission: To forge camaraderie through unique, positive and inclusive House experiences that exemplify the House values.

In Procter, we strongly abide by 2 core values — devotion and professionalism. We are devoted in fostering the house spirit and a support network for each other, demonstrating professionalism by being responsible for upholding our values. Our house is represented by the lioness, a symbol of communal spirit. Under our pride, we organize events to help you ease into university life, including house induction, Senior-junior pairings and volunteering events. Echoing our house motto of “Growing in consciousness”, we strive to bond members inclusively and make new ventures with other houses, constantly improving ourselves through shared experiences!