Feel free to browse through the various events that NUSPS has executed over the past few years. Click on the image thumbnail to find out more about individual events!

Welfare Pack Collection
11th April to 14th April 2022
NUSPS Welfare Committee
Welfare Bakery (Encouragement Messages)
29th March to 31st March 2022
NUSPS Welfare Committee
eKnow Your Medicines, Get it Right!
5th,6th,12th, 13th March 2022
NUSPS EMed Committee
UPIP and Internship Opportunities Sharing
21st February 2022
NUSPS Acad Committee
Mental Health Webinar
6th January 2022
NUSPS EMed Committee
NUSPS Beyond: Medical Affairs
29th December 2021
NUSPS Acad Committee
SPOTS 2021
13th December 2021
NUSPS IPE Committee