Awoo Flemingoes~ 

Fleming, as one of the five houses in NUSPS serves to provide a platform to allow fellow Flemingoes to forge friendships. To instil a sense of pride and belonging to the house, Fleming has come up with a variety of initiatives to bond house members from all batches 

The Fleming House Committee is spilt into 4 subdivisions. 

  • Our wonderful Treasurer/Secretary is in charge of house funds, accounting and logistics for our fun-filled house events.
  • Our fun-loving Programmes team is in charge of coming up with creative initiatives as well as planning and executing our house events.
  • Our talented Publicity team takes charge of designing publicity materials and publicizing house events on Instagram and Telegram. 
  • Our kind and caring Welfare team assists in welfare pack distribution and is in charge of safety during house events.
The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb
In the spirit of Halloween, the Flemingos had a chill (but very spooky!) movie watching together. The night kicked off with a fun and friendly competition of designing zoom backgrounds. The Flemingos pulled out their creative juices and wow! They designed the most impressive backgrounds ever! After the competition, the Flemingos watched a movie of their choice- the whimsical Ghibli film, Spirited Away or the intense, chilling film, Bird Box. No matter the movie, we were put on the edge of our seats! But all good things must eventually come to an end. The Flemingos bid each other goodbye but with a renewed sense of friendship and happiness! Happy Howl-o-ween my Flemingos!
Action, big brain time or just want to have a good time? Well, Fleming’s game night got it all! To help the Flemingos relax after the hectic mid-terms, we organised a games night. Every Flemingo can choose 2 categories of games of their choice- action, social or mind. After splitting into their respective categories, we all had a good time going against each other or cooperating with each other to complete missions. To end of the exciting night, the Flemingos participated in a lucky draw to test their luck! With rejuvenated strength and bonds strengthened, the Flemingos left the event feeling renewed!
Brain Brawl is an online event where questions or riddles are posted on Fleming’s Instagram stories for a week. As the week goes by, the difficulty level of the questions or riddles will increase. Flemingoes can answer the questions or riddles through direct message of the Instagram stories and they will be awarded points according to the level of difficulty of the questions. Participant with the highest number of points will win!

Ms Vernice Vee Yah Teng

House Head
Fleming House
National University of Singapore Pharmaceutical Society

Mr Tang Hai Feng

Vice House Head
Fleming House
National University of Singapore Pharmaceutical Society