Interactions between student volunteers and seniors during Icebreakers

Know Your Medicines, Get it Right! is Essential Medicines’ annual flagship event organised jointly with the Pharmacy Profession Awareness Committee and North West CDC to connect seniors with professional pharmacists. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this event was held virtually. However, this did not stop our elderly participants from actively participating in a series of health-related sharings and games!

eKYMGIR consisted of Icebreakers with our student volunteers, a sharing about prevention and management of Diabetes and Osteoarthritis, an exercise segment where the seniors learnt simple exercises that they can do at home, as well as a QnA session with various pharmacists clarifying common medication-related misconceptions.

Our student volunteers were able to listen to many interesting stories and struggles faced by the seniors through interactions with them. We are thus extremely grateful for our elderly participants who have opened up to us! It was also heartwarming to see the active participation of seniors in our exercise segment, and the many enthusiastic questions for our pharmacists! Goodie bags generously filled with daily necessities from our sponsors were also given out to our elderly participants! eKYMGIR was indeed a blast!

Group picture of eKYMGIR!
Elderly participants and volunteers actively engaging in our exercise segment
Pharmacists’ QnA session