At NUSPS Academic Committee, we provide avenues for students to deepen their understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and to grow their knowledge in both technical expertise and soft skills needed for a career in the industry. We aspire to empower students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become confident, competent and commendable industry professionals. We achieve these through webinars with industry professionals, sharing sessions by students, career preparatory workshops and many more!

Academic Committee is divided into 3 subcommittees:

  • External: Responsible for liaising with industry professionals to host educational webinars
  • Internal: Organise senior students sharing sessions on various school experiences
  • Publicity: The creative team in-charge of promoting our events and other social media initiatives such as Know your Prof!

Our driven and dedicated members include:

Admin team

  • Shania Wong (Director)
  • Gavin Han (Vice-director, internal)
  • Nicholas Kuu (Vice-director, external)
  • Angelica Ang (Secretary-Treasurer)

External subcommittee

  • Andrea Ho, Jonathan Sim, Lim Jia Wei, Lydia Loh, Nam Zi Wei, Sean Chua, Tan Jin Wen, Tan Yu Xin, 

Internal subcommittee

  • Fu Jiaxin, Lee Jia Xin, Ng Hong Kai, Nicole Lim, Tan Yi Wen, Teng Zhi Qian


  • Carol-Anne Chua, Tan Xin Yi, Yee Jia Shuen

Bringing the industry closer to you
NUSPS Beyond is a series of webinars that serves as a gateway for students to learn from industry professionals about the different career opportunities available in the market today, how theoretical knowledge can be translated to practical applications, and the current trends transforming the industry.
The UROPS and Research Opportunities Sharing is one of the many student sharings where seniors share about their experiences in various enrichment activities such as UROPS, UPIP and SEP, giving juniors a better idea of what these activities entails and to better inform their decision when applying for these activities.
Know Your Prof is a social media initiative that features the career journey of professors from the Department of Pharmacy. Aspiring students with similar research interests can gain meaningful insights and be motivated by the journeys of these professors. 

Ms Shania Anabel Wong

Academic Committee Director
61st Executive Committee
National University of Singapore Pharmaceutical Society