The 61st EXCO comprises 18 members that are organized into 4 cells: Leadership Cell, External Cell, Internal Cell and Special Projects Cell.

Leading the 61st EXCO are Ong Wei Siong (President), Jang Yuho (Vice President, Internal) and Ng Wee Kang (Vice President, Special Projects). Their vision for this year is to unite NUSPS under the “One NUSPS initiative”, allowing for a more inclusive society. Apart from pushing for a more inclusive society, their vision is also to raise the profile of NUSPS and restructure NUSPS to better meet the needs of the student population.

61st NUS Pharmaceutical Society Executive Committee 
RoleAppointment HolderClass of
PresidentOng Wei Siong2023
Vice President (Internal)Jang Yuho2024
Vice President (Special Projects)Ng Wee Kang2023
Honorary General SecretaryDaryl Wong Yi Hui2025
Honorary General TreasurerLim Shi JIe2024
Pharmaceutical Science RepresentativeShania Anabel Wong2023
Immediate Past PresidentFaith Tammy Wong Jiaen2023
Academic Committee Director Shania Anabel Wong2023
Essential Medicines Committee DirectorJoleen Tan Wei Leng2025
Welfare Committee DirectorPutri Pearl Koswara2024
Media Resource Team DirectorMi Yang2024
Pharmacy Profession Awareness Committee DirectorKhin Rati San2024
International Relations Committee DirectorHtet Wai Yan Linn2024
Marketing & Public Relations Committee DirectorTan Chun Shing, Jerald2024
Interprofessional Education Committee DirectorSanthosh Dave Kalaimaran2024
Pharmacy Orientation Programme Project DirectorBrian Lee Seng Wee2025
Pharmacy RAG Project DirectorShermain Koo Shi Xuan2025
Pharmacy Flag Project DirectorVanessa Yeo Jia Ying2025
Youth Expedition Project DirectorPark Soohyun2024