This final challenge will be a combination of the earlier games!!

OGs will have to divide into two teams again – a Spaceteam team (must be 6 pax), and a Scavenger Hunt team. Please remain on the same Zoom call for this game!

The Scavenger Hunt team will have to complete as many tasks as possible, in a specific order. Their time ends when the Spaceteam team explodes their spaceship. Verification will be done via the Progs senior who will need to screenshot each completed task.

You will be given 5 min to discuss and only 1 attempt for the final challenge! No stress 🙂

Scoring: 1 point for 1 task completed


Refresh the page to see the most updated chart!


Find the objects in this order:

  • An object that starts with A
  • An object that starts with B
  • An object that starts with C
  • … you get the drift