How to play?

Complete as many tasks as possible!

It is almost impossible to complete all the tasks, so as an OG, you will have to choose your battles wisely. Each task must be completed fully to earn points. Verification will be done via the Progs senior who will need to screenshot each completed task.

Time Limit: 20 min
Scoring: 1 point for 1 task completed (some tasks are worth 5 points)


Refresh the page to see the most updated chart!


  • Gather 1 broccoli/cauliflower
  • Gather 2 fake plants
  • Gather 3 musical instruments
  • Gather 4 gaming consoles
  • Gather 5 different types of fruit
  • Gather 6 different types of sports equipment
  • Gather 7 pieces of clothes that are mostly yellow/orange/purple
  • Gather 8 different types of medication
  • Gather 9 textbooks/TYS of any subject
  • Gather 10 stuffed toys
  • Gather 11 toilet rolls
  • Gather 12 makeup brushes
  • Gather 13 bamboo poles
  • Gather 14 water bottles
  • Gather 15 Ezlink cards
  • Take a picture with everyone eating something (5 points)
  • Take a Tiktok video with everyone inside (10 points)