Motto: “Scheelens By Birth, Legends By Choice”

Motif: Orca

Values: Conscientiousness & Innovation

Scheele: Where Friends Become Family. The theme of Family runs strong in Scheele, as we strive towards  forging strong ties amongst all Scheelens, creating an environment of warmth and inclusiveness where the people around you will be the ones who cheer you up and cheer you on. The close-knitted community will serve to bring out the Conscientious and Innovative ideals of each and every Scheelen, through mutual support and encouragement throughout the Pharmacy Journey.

As individuals, we may be one drop, but together, we are an ocean; and no matter how alike or different you are from anyone else, Scheele will be the place you can call home.

The Orca protrays innovation through the diverse and intelligent methods it used to hunt its prey. Similarly, House Scheele will be a place where ideas take off, where Scheelens are encouraged to explore endless possibilities, no matter the realm of interest. The Orca also embodies Conscientiousness in fine-tuning its special hunting techniques, which are passed to its young to ensure its survival in nature. Likewise, House Scheele will bring out the conscientiousness in this close-knitted community through mutual support and encouragement.

3rd Scheele House Head Oh Yeow Boon
3rd Scheele Vice House Head Cheryl Tan




3rd Scheele House Committee