Motto: “Growing in Consciousness”

Motif: Lioness

Values: Devotion & Professionalism

Vision: A House where the members learn and grow while remaining faithful to the House values.

Mission: To forge camaraderie through unique, positive and inclusive House experiences that exemplify the House values.

Procter House is inspired by the ancient Egyptian goddess of medicine, Sekhmet, who is also known as the fiercest hunter among the Egyptian gods. Her tenacity as well as protection of the sicked represents Procter House’s values of devotion to the professionalism in the medical industry as well as to care for our patients and community. This is further exemplified by the lioness being the main huntress for the pride, which represents our eagerness to take charge in bringing Procter House to new heights.

Similar to the lioness being the main educator of her cubs, Procter House hopes to actively groom an eager spirit in our members to serve others and themselves through the pursuit of excellence. The House looks forward to bonding all the members of our pride and journeying with them throughout via our various house events. The house events also provides an avenue for members to play, bond and have fun with one another; and at the same time, allowing them to learn many new things and experiences along the way and henceforth, growing in consciousness.

3rd Procter House Head & Vice House Head
Joey Tan and Sia Ming Kian

3rd Procter House Committee

















Procter House Induction 2017