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Inter-professional collaboration is a cornerstone in providing excellent integrated healthcare, and it starts here.

The IPE Committee aims to deliver meaningful extracurricular programmes to the student population and complement the Inter-professional Core Curriculum. These Inter-professional Enrichment Activities (IEA) serve as a platform for students of various academic units to interact, forge friendships and most importantly, foster teamwork amongst one another.

We also liase with various academic units to improve communication and create more collaboration opportunities between students from different healthcare professions. If you are reading this and plan to start an IPE project, feel free to approach any of us!

Some programmes that were started by the committee include SPOT (Social Work, Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy), PAYM Fit Fun Fruits and Learn Other Language. We hope to establish a greater collective identity as future members of a healthcare team working towards to deliver the best care for our patients.

Signing off,
PD Zhan Peng and VPD Weany

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