Motto: “Ramming our Way to the Top”

Motif: Ram

Values: Ardour & Avant Garde

Dear readers,

When I took over Weijian (previous Galen House Head), my idea for Galen in this academic year is the fostering of stronger bonds between batches in Galen. Galen will act as the social glue for everyone else to connect during house events. Through house events, we can bring people from different batches together to participate in activities (Be it SOUL or games or even sports) and from there we foster budding interactions. I envision Galen to be a common topic to connect people together in the Singapore pharmacy society as we recount our memories formed during house events together.

Thus, we had our Meet the Galen Professors session where we got to know one another along with the Galen professors! To further cement our friendships, we organised an Angel & Mortal session where we could write notes & pass gifts to each other. We ended the session with a Beach Day for us to enjoy the sand and the cool sea! Our upcoming activity is a Dog Therapy event in collaboration with Fleming House for everyone to meet cute dogs upfront! Beside all these, we do organise a SOUL event every month where volunteers visit Bright Vision Hospital to aid the hairdressers in cutting patients’ hair. At the same time, we interacted with the patients to know more about themselves.

Stay tuned to our future Galen activities and SOUL events as we will do our best to build fun and memorable memories for you guys! Good luck in your studies and your future endeavours!

Liau Yuan Wei
3rd Galen House Head

3rd Galen House Head and Vice House Head  
Liau Yuan Wei & Loh Jing Han



Beach Day 2017