Motto: “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb” 

Motif: Wolf

Values: Empathy & Compassion

The wolf represents the familial nature and camaraderie of the house.  Just like how every wolf cares for its pack, the house aims to forge friendship bonds stronger than that of the family. Empathy and Compassion, the house values, are therefore emphasized as personal values one should have for the fellow Flemling. Flemlings learn and develop such values within the house first, before reaching out to the common man and applying them.

The leadership of the wolf is non-domineering, but confident and understanding. The wolf knows that there is no need to prove what has already been proven. Similarly, Flemlings are encouraged to be cooperative and kind to one another, with an air of quiet confidence. However, should the need arise, empathy breeds camaraderie and any threat can be overcome together as a wolf pack.

2nd Fleming House Head Aloysius Lim
2nd Fleming House Committee