RxFlag is a community project under the wing of National University of Singapore Pharmaceutical Society (NUSPS) which provides students with an opportunity to give back and contribute to the society. Flag Day is the highlight of RxFlag.

Flag encompasses the spirit of giving and caring for the less fortunate in our society. We are a group of committed individuals who are striving to inculcate a sense of altruism among the pharmacy faculty and to promote inter-cohort bonding. RxFlag also aims to develop a sense of appreciation for friendship, family and knowledge in our beneficiaries under the network of The Community Chest of Singapore.

This year, RxFlag will be celebrating its 10th anniversary and we will be coming up with a series of events to commemorate this milestone. In light of this special event, we hope that the spirit of volunteering will stay within the hearts of pharmacy students, lingering long and way beyond even after Flag.

Stay tuned and look forward to the fun, fulfilling and meaningful activities organised by RxFlag 2016/2017 committee!

RxAG Flag 2017 Project Director Long Zhaorong